Bad Movie Brooklyn

February 6, 2013 @ 1:00 am – 4:00 am

Bad Movie Brooklyn

Some movies are so terrible that they’re actually amazing. Bad Movie Brooklyn is dedicated to spreading awareness of those films. Join us each month and marvel at a different cinematic disaster–from Shaq to Schwarzenegger, Travolta to Cage. If you like watching, mocking, and discussing the worst cinema has to offer, groan along with us and celebrate the shortcomings of Hollywood’s anti-masterpieces.

Up Next: Vampire’s Kiss (screening Tuesday, Feb 5th @ 8pm) 

This is it, the most Nic Cagiest of all Nic Cage’s movies. It’s New York, it’s the late 80′s, and publishing executive Nicolas Cage believes he has become a vampire…or something. You will see Nic Cage eat a live cockroach. You will see Nic Cage furiously recite the alphabet. And you will see the Oscar winner flail through the streets of Manhattan yelling “I’m a vampire!” to no one in particular. Cage drifts in and out of an unrecognizable accent, wears plastic vampire teeth, and otherwise debases himself in the name of his art. Oh yes, Vampire’s Kiss is just as bizarre as it is hilarious.

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